Madrid Commercial Footprints

Urban Data Visualization of the city through customer's patterns over time

Science for Sustainable Development Goals

Is EU-funded research and innovation evolving towards topics related to the Sustainable Development Goals?

A view to grantmaking activity

Topic Modelling to answer questions to help funders to maximize their impact on the charitable causes they support

Roman Open Data

Fostering the exploration of one of the richest database for amphorae and epigraphy, promoting the Open Science principles and practices in the context of Digital Humanities. listeners reactions

How do's listeners behave when an artist dies?

Disruptive Shifts

Connecting the dots between disruptive moments on different levels

University Rankings Explorer

Understand patterns from worldwide universities through different university rankings

FP7 CORDIS Explorer

Explore all projects from the 7th Framework Programme funded European Research and Technological Development

International Challenge BBVA InnovaData

Migration Flows in Spain

Regional Observatory of R&D

Data Visualization as support for regional policy

BIST dashboard

Exploring scientific activity, collaboration and specialisation across world-class research institutions

The Modern Architecture Genealogy

A digital humanities project to illustrate the evolution of architecture

Mapping network sales

Elastic list in D3

Pulsar plot

Data visualization and music album covers

3D Perceptual Interface with OpenCV

Perceptual Interface using Face Recognition and Face Tracking

Ticket reservation system