An strategic dashboard for Science and Innovation

The project aggregates data across the research centers of the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology, to support specific BIST strategic objectives and functions, by combining the data in compelling and rich visualisations and charts that support mutual knowledge and decision-making.

Mapping the research activity

An overview of the publications of the research centres is presented, with special emphasis on collaboration (co-authorships) between BIST centres. The objective of the tool is to facilitate the discovery of collaboration links between centres and groups, and to present a summary of the activity of all research groups.

Extracting topics using Natural Language Processing

Using Topic Modelling (a technique that allows to automatically extract topics from a large corpus of text - in our case, the abstracts of all identified publications by the research centres), 15 themes are presented. The dashboard offers several views of the data, by means of co-authorship networks or through the evolution of the topics, in order to provide a richer presentation of research collaboration (current and potential) in specific domains.

Exploring European research projects

By retrieving information from CORDIS, the European Commission projects database, the information can be browsed and filtered through the first table and the results of the filter appear in the list below, where a description of each project appears by clicking on the line in question. Before the first table you find two buttons that link straight to SPARQL queries which offer comprehensive information about external partners in European projects.