Disruptive shifts map

A Telefonica R&D project aimed to help at better thinking by offering a time-based network of disruptive moments.

A conceptual map of disruptive moments in society

Project designed and developed for Telefonica Research & Development, it provides a tool to help the company to connect more dots and find unusual connections in order to inspire new ideas that could help solve society's big and pressing problems. My mapping all the disruptive shifts occurred in the past and the events coming in a future, as well as the connections between them, we can obtain a global view and connect the dots between disruptive moments on different levels and moments.

Exploring a network of events

The interface facilitates to exploration of the network by selecting and filtering moments by typology and type of impact in society, revealing further connections which leads to navigate to other disruptive shifts.

A collaborative tool

The tool offers a back-end interface to add new content and edit existing items, in order to enrich the tool for everyone using it. User can provide disruptive shifts, early signals and future dilemmas through societal, technological, economical and ecological categories.