Madrid Commercial Footprints

Exploratory data visualization built in the context of the BBVA Innova Big Data Challenge contest. BBVA is the first bank in Spain to hold an international developer competition, inviting developers to build new services, applications and contents based on its card transaction data.

This visualization, which received and honorable mention due to its innovative approach, reflects consumption flows and distances traveled ​​by different types of BBVA customer from their place of origin to the point of purchase. To this end, this visualization uses all the information from the API created by BBVA for Innova Challenge, while combining this with external sources such as Google Maps, CartoBCN (Barcelona City Council) and the National Center for Geographic Information. The result is spectacular graphics on a 3D map of the city of Madrid and Barcelona.

Revealing mobility

This visualization assist to highlight the effect that big shopping centers cause in the mobility, since selecting those geographic cells which contain shopping malls revealed how population mobility is restricted based on the store's location, acting like "geographic walls", so citizens from one side do not surpass them during its shopping activity.

Expenditure vs mobility

At the most detailed geographical level, granular data of BBVA customers is displayed by means of distributions and comparisons between the activity related to mobility and transactional data, and among the geographic origin of the users.

The project was also exhibited at the internation exhibition BigBangData (Barcelona, Madrid, Buenos Aires). The Big Bang Data exhibition explores the emergence of the database as a framework for cultural and political thinking and the effects of datafication of the world.