Science for Sustainable Development Goals

A visual essay to understand how EU-funded research and innovation is evolving towards topics related to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Multiple analyses can be done in relation to mapping Science Technology and Innovation (STI) efforts towards the SDGs, and there are many possible conclusions, that however remain only preliminary.

To foster the conversation around the topic and to drive actions, of data-driven storytelling techniques are applied, in order to provide a guidance to the discussion through the visualizations. In doing so, explanatory and exploratory approaches are combined, where narrative and interaction coexist together.

Progressive disclosure

Data is presented to the user from different points of view, where complexity increases slowly. Our view of STI contributions to SDGs starts from annual shares of SDG-related funded projects, explores how countries feature a different SDG R&I portfolio, it goes on to highlight similarities of such countries and it ends up by showing trends on R&I based on SDG-related keywords.

For each analysis around the data, specific ad-hoc crafted visuals were carefully thought, aimed at revealing effectively the different types of knowledge, from patterns around research activity, behaviours on how countries can be clustered together, or trends over time.

When designing information, the process focused at choosing effective visuals, eliminate the clutter and focus attention to what matters.