Toscana Open Research

ToscanaOpenResearch is the portal developed by the Tuscany Region to inform citizens and to enhance the regional research, innovation and higher education system. Developed to be the information tool of the Regional Observatory of research and innovation (Osservatorio Regionale della Ricerca e dell’Innovazione), the portal allows the public to obtain information and to navigate through interactive graphics.

A visual history based on open data

In order to communicate and enhance the ecosystem of higher education and regional research, and to promote an increasingly transparent and inclusive governance, an extensive set of data visualizations were created, aimed to answer strategic questions previously produced by the Regional Conference for Research and Innovation. The Data visualization were designed to effectively offer insights about the ecosystem of Higher Education and regional research.

Data Visualization backed by the semantic web

All the graphs are fetching the data directly retrieved through a dedicated SPARQL Endpoint. Each time the data is updated, the views will also update automatically, and inn the same way, the current data being displayed as a result of the user interact with the charts is available for download.

Exploring European research projects

The use of interactive data visualization facilitates the analysis of the ecosystem of higher education and regional research in order to start a process of orientation of regional policies in a data-driven perspective.